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#516 Luft und Liebe Teil 1 [Love Is All Around]

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In this special two-hour episode, Fish decides that the extraordinarily tough case he has taken on with Nelle is one only Cage can win. Their client, Holly, is suing her bosses for wrongful termination because she refused to participate in a feminization program for female executives. The opposing counsel, Liza, is a 21-year-old Wunderkind with a killer, Lolita-like persona. Fish pleads with Cagem who now plays in a mariachi band at a Mexican restaurant, to take the case. Fish reminds Cage that he promised to come back if the firm really needed him. But Cage finds that Liza has a few tricks up her sleeve, including a "confession" that she has a crush on Cage.

Meanwhile, Ally is apprehensive about her third date, a.k.a. the "sex date," with Victor. In addition, Ally looks to hire more attorneys for the firm, and meets Merrick (Mathew Perry), a neurotic lawyer who hits on her during the interview.

Also, Corretta and Fish's insistence that Claire's fiancé signs a pre-nuptial agreement causes turmoil in Claire's love life.

When John notices that Richard and Nelle see him onstage, singing, at a Mexican restaurant, he is suddenly filled with stage fright. Ally and Victor's date is interrupted by the sudden death of Maddie's babysitter (Sincere). Matthew Perry guest stars as a cocky, successful attorney who gets under Ally's skin in matters of her personal and professional affairs. Christina Ricci joins the series as Liza (Lolita) Bump for 5 episodes, playing a brilliant, young, legal protege who will do anything to win. John and Nelle soon discover this as opposing counsel when they represent a woman (Coppola) suing her company for wrongful dismissal. She was fired for refusing to attend a Bully-Broad Feminity Seminar. So impressed by her performance, John offers Liza a position at the firm. Claire (Everage/Humphries) announces her engagement although Ally is suspicious of the fiance's (Wainwright) intentions.

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